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Exercise Options: The main muscle groups: Hips Additional muscle groups: Caviar For whom: For athletes of all skill levels When to do: At the beginning of a leg workout Lunges perfectly increase flexibility, as well as the strength of your hips and buttocks. This exercise is suitable for beginners to tone up and put the squat technique before more difficult exercises. And lunges with a dumbbell or bar will help experienced athletes improve the shape and shape of their legs. Another strong point of this exercise is the need to swing legs independently of each other, which is important if equipoise vs deca, for some reason, they received different loads.   Barbell lunges execution technique: Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart. Take dumbbells in your hands or put the barbell on your shoulders if using weights. This is the starting position. Take a wide step forward and, keeping your body balanced and upright,…

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Forearm Workout

Exercise Options: The main muscle groups: Forearm For whom: For all categories of athletes When to do: At the very end of a hand workout Bending the arms in the wrists with a direct grip is aimed at pumping the outer side of your forearms, because often these muscles lag behind in volume and look disproportionate to other muscles in the hand. The lagging forearms contrast strongly with the well-developed muscles of the upper arm. Wrist Curls Technique Of Execution: Take a barbell or dumbbell with a grip on top and put your hands on a horizontal bench so that your hands hang from the far edge of the bench. Kneel on the other side of the bench. Lift the weight by turning the hands up, exhale. Please note: only the hand should move, the forearms all the time remain pressed to the bench. Slowly lower your wrists down to the starting position on…

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Hammer Curl

Hammer curls features: The main muscle groups: Biceps Additional muscle groups: Forearm For whom: For all categories of athletes When to do: The last biceps exercise. Before exercise “Hammer” perform all kinds of lifts on the biceps of the barbell and dumbbells. Equipoise cycle is a good alternative to lifting the barbell or dumbbell for biceps. Like other biceps exercises, the hammer will help you make big arms from the shoulder to the elbow, but it also loads the front of your forearms well! The movements of this exercise are very similar to working with a equipoise steroid, hence the name. Dumbbell Hammer Curl Technique Of Execution: Take the dumbbells and stand straight with your arms down. The elbows should be close to the body, and the palms are turned towards the hips. This is the starting position.  Now, holding the upper part of the arm still, while exhaling, bend the weight forward…

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Dumbbell Fly

Chest fly features: The main muscle groups: Chest For whom: For all categories of athletes When to do: At the end of a chest workout. Before breeding dumbbells on a horizontal bench, do a bench press and dumbbell lying. Dumbbell fly on a horizontal bench is a good exercise to isolate the inner, middle, and lower pectoral muscles. The result of the systematic implementation of this exercise will be a noticeable “incision” between the pectoral muscles and a clear boundary between the middle and the bottom of the inside of the chest. As a stabilizer involved deltas. Pectoral Fly Technique Of Execution: Take the dumbbells in your hands, sit on a horizontal bench and place them on your hips, then lay your back on the bench, while continuing to hold the dumbbells on your hips. Pushing the dumbbells with your hip, lift them one at a time to your chest. The palms are…

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