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Clinical Equipoise

  Clinical Equipoise is used by athletes to increase strength and overall endurance. Often used by bodybuilders, especially during periods of hard training, when the body does not have time to recover for the next lesson. What is clinical equipoise? The substance which today is called “Boldenone undecylenate” It was discovered in 1832 by the French chemist Michel Eugene Chevreul. The scientist had no thoughts on how to increase the effectiveness of training. In fact, he studied the chemical components of muscle tissue and found a substance that plays an important role in the work of muscles. Clinical Equipoise began to be used in the form of sports nutrition only in 1992. Since the athlete saw results almost immediately after the start of administration, the popularity of this amine grew rapidly. The effectiveness of the substance has been repeatedly proven by research. In sports nutrition, there is no more studied…

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