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Dumbbell Fly

Chest fly features: The main muscle groups: Chest For whom: For all categories of athletes When to do: At the end of a chest workout. Before breeding dumbbells on a horizontal bench, do a bench press and dumbbell lying. Dumbbell fly on a horizontal bench is a good exercise to isolate the inner, middle, and lower pectoral muscles. The result of the systematic implementation of this exercise will be a noticeable “incision” between the pectoral muscles and a clear boundary between the middle and the bottom of the inside of the chest. As a stabilizer involved deltas. Pectoral Fly Technique Of Execution: Take the dumbbells in your hands, sit on a horizontal bench and place them on your hips, then lay your back on the bench, while continuing to hold the dumbbells on your hips. Pushing the dumbbells with your hip, lift them one at a time to your chest. The palms are…

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