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Hammer Curl

Hammer curls features: The main muscle groups: Biceps Additional muscle groups: Forearm For whom: For all categories of athletes When to do: The last biceps exercise. Before exercise “Hammer” perform all kinds of lifts on the biceps of the barbell and dumbbells. Equipoise cycle is a good alternative to lifting the barbell or dumbbell for biceps. Like other biceps exercises, the hammer will help you make big arms from the shoulder to the elbow, but it also loads the front of your forearms well! The movements of this exercise are very similar to working with a equipoise steroid, hence the name. Dumbbell Hammer Curl Technique Of Execution: Take the dumbbells and stand straight with your arms down. The elbows should be close to the body, and the palms are turned towards the hips. This is the starting position.  Now, holding the upper part of the arm still, while exhaling, bend the weight forward…

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