Boldenone: how to take when gaining weight and losing weight

Boldenone: how to take when gaining weight and losing weight

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Boldenone – This is a kind of steroid preparations that includes slow proteins derived from milk as a result of its fermentation and spreading. After receiving the curd mass, additional processing takes place, and subsequently the concentration and drying of the finished Boldenone Undecylenate.

Boldenone called “slow steroid” because its absorption requires up to 12 hours. During this time, the protein nourishes the body with energy. In this case, Boldenone is useful only in a long period of time, since immediately after use it does not bring almost any effect.

Boldenone Reception Table


The number of receptions per day

  • 1 time at weight gain;
  • 2 times when drying and losing weight;

Single dose

  • 30-50 grams at weight gain;
  • 15-20 grams for drying and slimming;

Daily dosage

  • 30-50 grams at weight gain;
  • 30-40 grams for drying and slimming;

Optimal reception time

before going to bed when gaining weight;

1 hour before workout and before bedtime when drying;

Course duration

5 months

Break between courses

1 month

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Why drink Boldenone Undecylenate?

Protein supplements in sports nutrition occupy a leading place. It is difficult to find a muscular developed athlete who would not use Boldenone steroid. The reason for this is the effectiveness and safety of such supplements in relation to muscle growth.

But what place among them does Boldenone steroid take and why its bodybuilders drink?

There are 5 beneficial effects that Boldenone has on the muscles and the body as a whole:

  1. Prevents catabolism. When the body experiences hunger, it begins to waste all available substances that will serve as a source of energy. If their content is low, then the body will begin to consume muscles as energy, having previously dissolved them. If you drink Boldenone, then muscle catabolism does not happen.
  2. Reduces appetite. Due to the prolonged action of slow proteins, the need for fast proteins is reduced.
  3. Fast proteins are less actively absorbed. When there are enough slow proteins in the body, the remaining substances dissolve much more economically.
  4. Replaces anabolics. With long-term administration of Boldenone, an anabolic effect is observed, but in this case no negative effect occurs.
  5. Accelerates metabolism. Effective for people with a slow metabolism, as in conjunction with exercise, metabolism accelerates.
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This protein can be found not only in sports nutrition, but also in milk, cottage cheese or cheese. But along with Boldenone Undecylenate will have to eat fats that are not in specialized nutrition.

How to drink Equipoise for muscle growth?

Athletes use Boldenone Undecylenate almost every day, but when gaining muscle mass, it does not bring significant results.

To get the most out of taking Boldenone steroid its need to drink before bedtime. This will prevent catabolism and save muscles, and also allow the body to get enough energy. As a result, recovery processes will bring more benefits.

The daily dosage of Boldenone is 30-50 grams, depending on body weight. A more accurate dosage is offered by the manufacturer, indicating the information on the label. Boldenone steroid is taken once a day before bedtime.

How to drink Boldenone steroid for weight loss?

The process of weight loss often involves a low-calorie diet, but when combined with exercise, weight loss is given with great effort. To actively work out in the gym, stick to a diet and at the same time not experience severe fatigue and hunger, experts recommend to use Boldenone steroid.

Equipoise suppresses hunger and prevents its appearance. In contrast to dietary supplements for weight loss, it does not disguise hunger, but rather its quenches, and therefore does not bring harm.

Together with proteins, amino acids enter the body, which take an active part in accelerating metabolism and burning fat. Among the known amines can be distinguished L-carnitine, which is often recommended for dieters.

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Divide the intake into 2 portions of 15-20 grams. Drink the first portion 30-60 minutes before training, and the second before bedtime. In the morning and after training you need to drink fast proteins.

From Boldenone Undecylenate powder you can make a cocktail. In this case, the type of fluid does not matter. It may be milk, juice or water.

The amount of protein that is consumed through sports nutrition and regular food during weight loss should be approximately equal, that is, 50 to 50 percent. It should be remembered that the use of any type of sports supplements can not provide the result without regular loads.

Side effects

Regular intake of Equipoise rarely contributes to side effects, since it is made from natural products. In some cases, there may be temporary manifestations of adverse effects that go away within a few days. However, we feel obligated to tell you what side effects may arise from taking Boldenone steroids.

Allergy is the most common problem that you may encounter while taking Boldenone steroids. But about allergy to Boldenone is difficult not to know, since this protein is found in all dairy products. In some cases, allergies can occur even in adulthood, but sports nutrition will not be the cause.

Intolerance protein can also cause side effects. And again, it is worth pointing out that in this case the protein is the culprit, and not the sports supplement. Intolerance can manifest itself in impaired digestive function, indigestion or vomiting.

If any of the options appeared after the beginning of the supplement, it means that it contains impurities of other types of proteins or fats. This can be faced by buying inexpensive food from unscrupulous manufacturers. You can fix the problem by using a better product.

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Myths about Boldenone steroids

A lot of myths have been written about sports nutrition and they are often untrue and even illogical. Their appearance refers to the remnants of the past, and the indicated symptoms are more likely to resemble the effects of anabolic steroids. Therefore, we decided to dispel the 3 myths about Boldenone, in order to reassure those who plan to take it.

Boldenone adversely affects the potency

Proteins rarely have a negative impact on the body as a whole, and as for potency, it has nothing to do with Equipoise specifically. In some cases, soy protein can cause an increase in estrogen levels.

Boldenone use can harm future generation.

This myth is related to anabolic steroids, as they are “interfere” in human genetics, because their effects for the body is not familiar and not clear. If Boldenone had a bad influence on genetics and subsequent generations, then mankind would have to reconsider the concept of normal development.

Boldenone Undecylenate from goat’s milk is better than from cow’s

In this regard, we can only say that these two types of milk differ from each other in composition. The high price is due rather to the high cost of raw materials, since there is simply more cow milk on the market than goat milk.


Boldenone should be taken before bedtime and an hour before exercise. This steroid is able to replace snacks, but you cannot refuse normal nutrition. He has no serious side effects and does not affect the sexual function.

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