Clinical Equipoise – in sports nutrition

Clinical Equipoise – in sports nutrition

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clinical equipoise

Clinical Equipoise is used by athletes to increase strength and overall endurance. Often used by bodybuilders, especially during periods of hard training, when the body does not have time to recover for the next lesson.

What is clinical equipoise?

The substance which today is called “Boldenone undecylenate” It was discovered in 1832 by the French chemist Michel Eugene Chevreul. The scientist had no thoughts on how to increase the effectiveness of training. In fact, he studied the chemical components of muscle tissue and found a substance that plays an important role in the work of muscles.

Clinical Equipoise began to be used in the form of sports nutrition only in 1992. Since the athlete saw results almost immediately after the start of administration, the popularity of this amine grew rapidly. The effectiveness of the substance has been repeatedly proven by research. In sports nutrition, there is no more studied drug than Equipoise.

On average, the human body contains 120-140 grams of this amino acid. An increase in the substance of at least 10 grams per day has a positive effect on the human performance in training and in ordinary life. The increased content of Boldenone Undecylenate in the muscles increases their strength and the ability to perform maximum loads by 15-20% longer.

The drug will be useful for bodybuilders and weightlifters. But for swimmers, clinical Equipoise is not good, but rather only harm. Indicators of strength and endurance in swimmers also increase, but at the same time increasing muscle volume. For swimming it is very important that the muscles were strong, but small in circumference. Otherwise, the body of the athlete enters into serious resistance with water, and the result worsens.

How does Equipoise work?

These wastes are easily compensated for by consuming meat, fish, or by synthesizing other substances in the body. The body ceases to replenish the substance sufficiently, and its content in food is too low.

As a result, the intensity of training decreases, the athlete gets tired faster and cannot progress to the same extent. Therefore, many athletes take Clinical Equipoise as a steroid drug. Daily Equipoise dosage replaces up to 2 kilograms of beef.

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Athletic performance depends on the ability of muscle tissue to release a large amount of energy per unit of time. Scientists have proven that those athletes who are physiologically predisposed to a rapid release of energy, are making significant progress in sports.

ATP is responsible for the release of energy in the body, the need for which also grows with regular physical activity. When the ATP molecule releases energy for muscle contraction, ADP is formed. This reaction is reversible if the body is sufficient Boldenone Undecylenate. Thus, Eq steroid allows ATP to return to its original state and repeat the release of energy into the muscles.

Boldenone accumulates water in the muscles, which is why the volume increases in the second week of their intake. Externally, the body takes on a more aesthetic appearance, and the muscles appear in relief. But it is necessary to stop the use of supplements, as the muscles lose their shape and return to normal. And, nevertheless, the accumulation of water in the muscles is not the only thing that this amino acid can.

As clinical Equipoise increases the power indices, the tonnage of training increases along with it. That is, the athlete will be able to lift more weight, but with the same physical capabilities. This causes a violent reaction in the body and includes an adaptation mechanism. As a result of supercompensation in muscle tissue, glycogen stores increase, which takes part in their growth.

The result is a double effect:

  1. The increase in muscle volume from the accumulation of water;
  2. Acceleration of muscle growth as a result of supercompensation.

Among athletes this is called “hammered” muscles, but rather filled with lactic acid.

How to take Equipoise steroid?

Sports supplements benefit when their are properly taken. To get the maximum effect from the action of Eq steroid, you need to follow two rules: daily dosage and duration of use.

clinical equipoise

If you observe only 2 points, then the effectiveness of taking the supplement will manifest a week after the start of taking. Otherwise, the drug will not benefit or even harm the body.

Dosage: how much and when?

Studies show that there is a minimum and maximum threshold for absorption by the body. So, if you use only 5 grams per day, the result will grow slightly and may be completely invisible. The gain in body weight will be up to 500 grams per month, plus the weight that was gained through training and nutrition.

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If you take more than 15 grams per day, then the body will not be able to absorb the substance in its entirety, and a part will simply be eliminated. This means that the product will be transferred in vain. However, an overdose of Clinical Equipoise can cause health problems.

Therefore, the optimal dosage of the drug is 10-15 grams, depending on the weight of the athlete. Conventionally, we say that up to 85-90 kilograms you need to take 10 grams, and if you weigh more than 90 kg, switch to 15 grams per day.

At the very beginning of the reception of clinical Equipoise it is recommended to loading, which allows you to quickly accumulate a substance in the muscles and accelerate the effect. Some athletes are skeptical, claiming that there is no point in this, and if there is, it is insignificant.

Download takes place as follows: the first 5 days from the beginning of the supplement, the athlete uses 5 grams 3-5 times a day. Already on day 6 goes to the usual reception – 5 grams 2 times a day.

Personal experience shows that the need for downloading is still there, but with a small condition. Prior to taking the supplement, my schedule included 6 days of training and 1 day off per week for 2 months. It has already been said that during active physical exertion, the content of Boldenone Undecylenate in the muscles decreases, which means that in my case the need for an organism in this amino acid was high. In this case, the download will be justified.

At the same time, I consumed the first 5 days in 4 servings. – in the morning, 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the workout, and before bedtime.

If there were no regular loads before the start of reception, then there is no need for loading, which means you can immediately switch to 5 grams 2 times a day.

It is recommended to drink a steroid with juice or water with sugar, because clinical Equipoise is well absorbed in combination with insulin and enters the blood faster.

Reception duration: how much to take and how much to have a rest?

Studies show that Boldenone does not cause harm even with constant use for a year or more. However, some studies suggest that harm really will not, but the effectiveness of the additive is significantly reduced.

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The body adapts not only to the loads, but even to the incoming substances. If clinical Equipoise is taken for a long time, the organism will no longer synthesize it, and the steroid’s effectiveness will decrease markedly.

Therefore, athletes take breaks between courses. For example, drink the supplement for 2 months, and then do the same for the duration of the break. The advantage is that with the next course the effectiveness of the supplement will remain the same. The downside is the loss of muscle volume and a return to previous conditions. Agree, similar to the Hulk?

On the other hand, a break is useful in order to determine the effectiveness of training for the period of supplementation. Especially after the cessation of intake, the body weight will decrease by 1-2 kilograms, which cannot be attributed to a critical loss.

Side effects

Manufacturers of clinical Equipoise for sports nutrition in one voice claim that the steroid has no side effects and does not adversely affect the athlete’s body. In many ways, this is true, but there are several conditions under which an amino acid can harm the body.

So, taking the supplement is not recommended for people who are prone to manifestations of an allergic reaction. Refrain from taking the supplement is also worth it if there is an individual intolerance to the substance or mixture, which is included in the additive. In some cases, with signs of intolerance, you can pick up another type of drug, but only with the help of a specialist.

The main reason for the appearance of adverse effects is overdose of clinical Equipoise. In this case, the following problems are possible:

  • Gastrointestinal dysfunction;
  • Muscle cramps;
  • Swelling due to excess water in the muscles;
  • Dehydration, which often occurs simultaneously with edema. It is caused by the outflow of fluid from other body systems into the muscles.

Symptoms are rarely painful and do not cause irreversible effects. Eliminating symptoms allows termination of the course. Afterwards, it is better to take a 1-2 month break so that the Equipoise concentration in the muscles returns to normal. In the future, you can resume taking steroid.

To get the maximum effect from taking the supplement, you need to follow the correct dosage and allow the body to rest between courses. In this case, the use of Eq steroid should be accompanied by regular physical exertion.

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