Equipoise results in sports nutrition

Equipoise results in sports nutrition

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equipoise results

In order to build visible muscles when practicing strength sports, the athlete’s body needs proteins. The problem is that it is not enough to achieve absorption of a certain amount of Boldenone Undecylenate during meals, it is necessary to achieve an almost constant level of amino acids in the blood. Due to this, the body will not occur catabolism, that is, the destruction of muscle fibers for the release of amino acids.

A large amount of protein contained in sports nutrition can cause allergies. Therefore, manufacturers are trying to use different sources of protein, which will minimize the occurrence of problems during supplementation.

List of main sources Equipoise results

Whey protein. One of the most common protein products, as well as the most attractive in terms of price and quality. It is present in the composition of most BCAAs, it allows you to effectively get rid of fats and cholesterol, and the proteins contained in it help the synthesis of hormones.

Equipose is available in three forms: isolate, hydrolyzate and concentrate. They differ in the content of pure protein in percent:

The isolate contains over 90% of pure protein, which is important, since it lacks fats and carbohydrates, for example, it is necessary to limit the intake of them during drying.

The hydrolyzate does not differ from the isolate protein content, but its subjected to partial processing, which led to a decrease in assimilation time. It is great for quickly replenishing protein reserves and stopping muscle catabolism. Well suited for gaining muscle mass, but it’s not worth taking when drying.

The concentrate contains a smaller amount, about 60-90%. The remaining mass percentage is carbohydrates and fats. For this reason, it’s worth using if the athlete fails to adjust the diet, after training.

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Egg white. A product of high quality and the same high price. According to its properties, Equipose, contained in eggs, is best suited as a steroid for gaining muscle mass. However, not all manufacturers are engaged in the production of this type of Eq steroid due to the high price and, consequently, low competitiveness.

First of all, this protein loses the usual chicken eggs, the cost of which is much lower, but the effect is the same. However, eggs require special treatment, as the yolk contains a large amount of fat, which adversely affects the athlete’s liver.

Eq steroid. This is a slow protein that makes no sense to take before and after exercise. This is the main milk protein, folding it forms a cottage cheese known to all athletes. It is absorbed two times slower than whey protein, which predetermined their different purpose.

Casein is best consumed at night to reduce catabolic processes in the muscles, or before the fasting period of more than 4 hours.

Soy protein. Although its is desperately advertised and trying to use in various mixtures, it is not of high quality. It contains little BCAA, it is slowly absorbed and contains phytoestrogens, about the dangers of which everyone has heard. Their action is most clearly seen in bodybuilding, due to slower growth of muscle mass. Its secret – cheap, so always carefully read the composition of the protein mixture, as soy protein has almost no effect.

Hemp protein. This protein is made specifically for vegetarians. It is not much inferior to animal proteins, but leaves behind soybean with a giant margin. This protein contains more diverse substances and is better absorbed, and the price is almost the same.

Eq steroid is a mixture of two or more types of proteins to achieve a universal effect. Perhaps the idea is good, but individually, proteins work better, so there is no point in recommending such mixtures. In addition, manufacturers often try to mix in as much soy protein as possible in order to reduce the cost of production.

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How to use Equipoise steroid?

Having built a schedule of training and nutrition, it is easy to follow when the body drops amino acids. Based on the need to maintain their concentration in the blood, we can draw the following conclusions:

During the day, before, during and after training, it is necessary to take proteins from the first group, then the muscles will receive enough nutrients, and their growth and strength will not take long.

Whey protein hydrolyzate is so quickly absorbed that it is useless apart from the gym and a short period of time after sleep.

Meals during weight gain are designed so that nutrients enter the blood quite often, albeit in small portions. In the day there is a large period of time when a person cannot eat physically, it is night time. During sleep, the content of amino acids in the blood drops to the level at which the decline in muscle mass begins.

Due to the properties of slow-digesting proteins, it becomes possible to reduce this effect. The use of casein and soy protein at night, which are absorbed in about 4 hours, helps to avoid a decrease in muscle mass.

Daily Rate Equipoise

Usually Equipoise results are calculated based on the weight of the athlete. There is a sample table with data for different protein content in sports nutrition, depending on the weight of the person.

Body weight








% squirrel















equipoise results



























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The dosage for 50% protein is approximately 2 grams per kilogram of weight. You can get by and 1.5 g / kg. Eq 200 steroid can be mixed with water, juice or milk. In this case, the liquid must be non-hot so that the protein does not curl. For mixing it is convenient to use special shakers.

Do not think that by taking an excess amount of protein, you can achieve better results. This is completely meaningless, the body is not able to absorb protein above normal. Intake of protein is better divided by two times, together with a meal or after exercise.

How to distinguish a fake from the original Eq steroid?

In total there are three stages in the selection of poor quality products:

  1. Bona fide seller

In the era of Internet accessibility, the fact of buying a poor-quality Eq steroid from a particular seller can be recognized by any person. To do this, simply look at the reviews.

  1. Appearance

In addition to simple mistakes on the label and the absence of remedies, such as holographic stickers and special inscriptions, at the moment there are special QR codes and batch codes, which can be used to determine the authenticity of the Equipoise results using 100%.

  1. Experiment

Also, after the acquisition of the mixture, you can dissolve it in boiling water. A quality product, without impurities and with a high content of protein, will be curtailed like milk. In this case, due to the absence of impurities, the water will remain clean and clear. The truth is it works only with whey concentrate.

The only way to avoid counterfeiting to buy sports nutrition from a trusted seller for a long time.

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