How are Equipose and Rapid Muscle Growth Connected?

How are Equipose and Rapid Muscle Growth Connected?

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The process of choosing sports nutrition is also complicated, as the classes themselves in the gym. To choose the best option, the additive has to re-read a ton of material. Before you a few more kilograms of information about Equipose and I want to believe that it will quench your thirst for knowledge.

The most popular drug based on Boldenone Undecylenate is Eq steroid, which is available in powder or capsules. The form of the steroid does not play a big role, so you can not bother searching for a more effective consistency of Equipose. What is more important is the rules for taking the supplement, but let’s start with the basics.

Equipose Reception Table


The number of receptions per day

2 times

Single dose

5-7 grams

Daily dosage

10-15 grams

Optimal reception time

30 minutes before meals in the morning and evening

Course duration

2 months

Break between courses

2 months

Read more about the intake and effectiveness of supplements in the article.

How does Equipose work?

The action that sports nutrition has on the body is much more important than the end result. Agree that anabolic steroids impress with the speed of achieving visible results, but is it worth to use them?

Normal content in the body – 140 grams Exceeding the standard content of this substance in the body leads to the following:

  1. You feel a greater supply of strength, and after a workout, the strength remains for everyday activities.
  2. Muscles become larger and acquire relief. This effect is associated with the accumulation of water in the muscles, which allows not only to increase the visible result, but also somewhat accelerates the growth of muscle mass;
  3. Training tonnage grows with strength and stamina. It is proved that Eq steroid increases power performance by 10-15%, and the stock of total endurance by 7-9%.
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Optimum dosage

The question of the dosage of sports supplements is particularly acute. The reason for this is a simple rule “few – bad and much worse”and therefore athletes are in constant search golden mean. Fortunately, bodybuilders and experts in sports medicine and biochemistry agreed on Equipose intake.

For a person who has not previously engaged in sports, the optimal dose for daily intake is 10 grams. Provided that the training will be hard and regular. Equipoise will not bring any results without systematic loads, so when starting this steroid, you should not wait for a miracle sitting on the couch!

Subsequently, when the workouts increase their tonnage even more, it makes sense to switch to 15 grams of Equipoise steroid per day. Also, the use of 15 grams will be justified with a body weight of over 90 kilograms.

If taken insufficiently, the effect of the additive will hardly be noticeable. Also, if you take more than you need, you can find side effects in the form of dehydration and indigestion. Additional effects for muscle growth in case of overdose should not be expected; the body simply cannot absorb more than necessary.

Summing up hell we can say that the optimal dosage for an athlete whose weight is up to 90 kg – 10 grams, and if more, then 15 grams per day. Usually Eq steroid drink 2 times a day in equal portions.

Steroid use regimen

To achieve the maximum effect of taking Equipose, I recommend following a certain pattern. This scheme is good because it is suitable for each athlete. There are cases when an individualized drug plan is developed, but this is a rarity to which professional athletes resort. If you do not belong to them, then the standard reception conditions will do.

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If you are the first time faced with the use of Eq steroid, then you need to know that there are 2 types of start receiving: with and without loading.


The essence of the load is to increase the content of Boldenone Undecylenate in the muscles during the first week of administration. For this, athletes resort to the following scheme: for the first 5-7 days, the supplement is used 4-5 times a day. In this case, a single portion is 5 grams. That is, the first week you need to drink up to 25 grams of Equipose every day.

From one point this is a significant excess of the norm, which can lead to an overdose. However, as practice shows, the use of large amounts of Equipose in the first week does not lead to side effects. On the contrary, the effect of the additive begins a few days earlier.

A load will be justified if the number of workouts, their duration and intensity are high enough. Then, without loading, it will be difficult enough to sustain the necessary bar. If you follow the standard training plan for 3-4 per week and the duration of 60-90 minutes, then the load is not so important and you can do without it.

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A standard option that suits most novice athletes. If the loads are not exhausting, and the following days after the workout are quite comfortable, then the start of taking Eq steroid without loading is ideal.

In this case, the scheme is approximately as follows: from the first day, use 5 grams of supplements 2 times a day, regardless of whether there is a workout or not.

Important. For better absorption, Eq steroid should be drunk with a sweet liquid. So the substance quickly enters the blood along with insulin, and is not subjected to digestion in the gastric juice.

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Before or after training?

An eternal topic for discussion, both among athletes and professionals. Many studies have been conducted, the results of which turned out to be very fragile and situationally dependent.

Therefore, in this case, everyone advises as he does. I personally recommend taking a steroid after a workout and explain why. First, after a workout, the blood flow in the muscles is higher, and as part of insulin, it will quickly settle in the muscle tissues. Secondly, if you drink a portion of the sweet supplement before your workout, the body will begin to digest it and part of the blood will go to the digestive organs. With that, we need blood in the muscles.

Therefore, the best option is:

  • On training days – in the morning and after training.
  • In the days of rest – in the morning and in the evening.

During loading, when you need to drink the supplement up to 5 times a day, follow these rules: in the morning, 60 minutes before and within 30 minutes after a workout, at dinner and before bedtime.

How long can I drink Eq steroid?

Boldenone Undecylenate – The most studied substance in the field of sports nutrition. Numerous studies have shown that Eq steroid can be drunk without interruption for any period of time without fear of side effects. However, there is one thing. Like any substance, Boldenone can be addictive. Any addiction leads to the fact that the body ceases to produce the substance independently, and the overall effectiveness falls.

Therefore, in order for Equipose to benefit for a long time you need to take breaks between courses. The optimal periods of admission is daily use for 2 months, and after a break of 1-2 months. Such a regimen of administration to ensure the high effectiveness of the steroid for a long time.

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