How to take Equipoise for women while losing weight and cutting?

How to take Equipoise for women while losing weight and cutting?

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equipoise for women

When a girl comes to the gym, she hardly wants to build muscle. The main focus of training is likely to be focused on achieving slim figure. But is it necessary in this case to take Equipoise for women and how will the steroid help?

There is a theory that taking Equipoise can disrupt hormones in women, but is this really so? And what will the beautiful half of humanity face when using protein shakes?

Why take Equipoise for women?

It is believed that protein supplements are used to accelerate the growth of muscle mass, so girls refer to this sports nutrition with wariness. In fact, there is nothing to fear, and a couple of extra pounds of muscle growth just will not hurt.

Boldenone Undecylenate-based cocktails help replenish energy after a workout. With enough protein in the body, all the processes for building a beautiful figure work in full force. This means that achieving the result will take less time, and, consequently, the annual subscription is enough.

To make it easier to trust Equipoise, it is reasonable to add that the protein contains amino acids that enter the body and are involved in many processes of the body. So, amino acid “ornithine” participates in the process of splitting fats, thereby reducing their percentage in the body. Or “threonine”, which belongs to the group of essential amino acids, does prevent the appearance of fat deposits.

The main features of Equipoise for women that will be useful:

  • Relief formation;
  • Fast recovery;
  • Acceleration of metabolism;
  • The development of muscle tissue;
  • Obstruction of catabolism;
  • Improve brain function.

I would like to stop the special attention on: development of muscles, catabolism and acceleration of metabolism.

The development of muscle tissue does not imply their significant growth. To achieve a large volume of muscles it is necessary to perform regular power loads with a weight of 95% of the maximum. Girls, as a rule, deal with shells with less weight, and the number of repetitions in one approach exceeds 10-12 times. Under such conditions, muscle growth occurs slowly, but the relief develops well.

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Catabolism – it is muscle destruction for energy. This process occurs during fasting, including in a dream. The main disadvantage of catabolism is that it literally eats half the workout. Equipoise for women helps to avoid this.

Acceleration of metabolism – good sign. The faster metabolic processes occur, the better body fat is burned. Acceptance of Equipoise for women contributes to the development of these processes.

I would like to put an end to the question about hormonal imbalance as a result of the use of Boldenone Undecylenate. This fact has not been scientifically proven, and a lot of research has been done. Eq 200 steroid cannot adversely affect hormone levels. In some cases, on the contrary, normal background recovery is observed.

Equipose for girls

In sports nutrition there is no clear separation of products for men and women. In some cases, the packaging can be read that the additive is made specifically for women. But how will this supplement be different? Does Equipose exist in nature exclusively for the fair sex? Most likely, the producer is trying to attract the attention of the consumer and, moreover, to raise the price for “uniqueness” goods.

Also, there is not much difference in dosage between different sexes. And this is correct, because the daily rate is calculated on the basis of body weight. As for trainings, they are equal in degree of difficulty, just for men the emphasis is on strength training, and for women on high-intensity exercises. In both cases, the body consumes about an equal amount of energy.

To find out the daily rate of Eq 200 steroid, multiply your weight in kilograms by two. For example, 70 kg * 2 = 140 grams of protein per day.

Equipoise for women for weight loss

Taking Eq 200 steroid in combination with exercise has a more significant slimming effect than any strict diet. The fact is that popular diets that are based on fasting do not imply fat burning. With prolonged fasting, the body first burns carbohydrates, then proteins, and then starts the muscles. At the same time, body fat remains almost untouched.

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At the end of the diet, the body becomes smaller for the reason that the muscle tissue is dissolved and digested. But the body fat remained, as flabby thighs and buttocks.

So that during systematic training the muscles do not succumb to catabolism, but only grow, you need to drink Eq steroid. If desired, complex mixtures can be added to the diet, but they should consist of at least 50% fast protein.

Drink a cocktail of fast proteins immediately after a workout to replenish energy stores in the body. This will help you feel better, and also give you the opportunity to strengthen your muscles.

At the same time during weight loss through intense exercise, it is imperative to consume 200 grams of carbohydrates, because these substances are a fast source of energy. That is, eating a piece of cake is sometimes even useful.

Boldenone Undecylenate for drying

If the main task is to give relief to the muscles, then it is better to take Equipose. The validity of taking casein is that during drying it is necessary to consume a low amount of calories. Eq 200 steroid based on Boldenone Undecylenate allows you to satisfy hunger and prevents its appearance over time.

These mixtures will help you recover after a workout, as drying involves high intensity activities. The only difference is that soy is suitable for vegetarians and people who do not tolerate lactose.

It is worth remembering that during drying the weight of the body varies slightly. The problem of drying is to remove excess water from the body and burn subcutaneous fats.

How to drink Equipose girls?

Reception time and one-time Equipoise dosage depend on the nature of the workouts. This is especially true of the time of day, because slow proteins need to be taken before bedtime, and fast during the day and after exercise.

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Daily Equipoise dosage is usually divided into 5-6 servings, regardless of whether there is training on this day or not. For example, if the daily rate of protein is 140 grams, then 23-28 grams should be drunk at a time. BUT! From the daily dosage, you must subtract the approximate amount of protein that enters the body through a normal meal.

It is not recommended to use the daily dosage at a time, because the body will not be able to absorb even half of the proteins. The part that does not digest will go to waste or will settle in the form of fat.

In the morning and after training it is better to drink fast proteins (whey or soy), and slow before bedtime (casein). So the body will receive the necessary energy during the day and during sleep.

To do this, there are special shakers, which indicate the number of servings, to make it easier to determine the amount of alcohol consumed. In general, such a shaker can be made independently using a marker.

An approximate schedule for taking Equipoise for women during the day is as follows:

Portion number

Times of Day

equipoise for women


In the morning at breakfast


Snack 2 hours before lunch


At lunch time


Snack 2 hours before dinner


During dinner


1 hour before bedtime

If you want to take Equipoise for Women with fast proteins during the day, and casein before bedtime with slow proteins, then add only fast proteins to the shaker, and use slow proteins separately. In this regard, the easiest way to take complex mixtures, from which you can make a cocktail at once for 6 servings.

Girls can safely take Equipoise. It should be borne in mind that some of its types are suitable for weight loss, and others for drying. Before you start taking, you need to calculate the daily rate of protein based on your weight. Subsequently, take the supplement in small portions for better absorption.

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