How to take Equipoise injections to gain muscle mass?

How to take Equipoise injections to gain muscle mass?

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equipoise injections

Equipoise injections are recommended for anyone who comes to the gym in order to build an attractive body. Exactly “to build”, then that bodybuilding comes from two words – body and build. Equipoise is advised to take for the reason that they contribute to the formation of muscle tissue.

It turns out that Eq steroid can be obtained from ordinary food, such as eggs, chicken breast and cereal? Yes it is. But in addition to protein, these foods contain carbohydrates and fats that are needed by the body, but can interfere with muscle growth. Therefore, athletes take pure protein, which is contained in specialized sports nutrition.

Equipoise steroid Reception Table

The number of receptions per day

6 times

Single dosage

23.3 — 33.3 grams

Eq steroid amount per kg weight

from 1.5 to 3 grams

Daily dosage

140 — 200 grams

Optimal reception time

during meals, before (1-2 hours) and after exercise, before bedtime

Course duration

from 1 month to infinity

Break between courses

during drying

Detailed information about the reception and the effectiveness of a steroid, read the article.

What are Equipoise injections for?

Coming to the gym or alternative training places a person wants to become stronger and more enduring. The main reasons are usually the desire: to gain muscle mass or lose weight. But under any of the conditions, training involves muscular work, which will be ineffective without enough protein.

Muscles cannot develop without two interrelated components:

  • Without exercise;
  • Without the necessary elements.

That is, if one of the two conditions is not fulfilled or insufficiently, then active muscle growth or weight loss is impossible. Receiving Eq steroid allows you to perform the second of the conditions – provide the body with the necessary substances through which muscle tissue can grow.

In essence, protein is not the final product, but in the process of synthesizing it releases up to 20 amino acids, which participate in all processes occurring in the body. At least 3 amino acids (valine, leucine and isoleucine) are directly involved in muscle growth.

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But why do you need an additional dose of Equipoise steroid, if it is contained in food?

The reason for this lies in the natural origin of man. Nothing extraordinary, just the body in the course of its development does not imply active muscular work for several months or years. Therefore, those proteins that enter the body through food intake, it is enough for the implementation of normal life.

But, if you need to forcefully adapt the body to high physical exertion and force it to increase muscle tissue, then it needs additional “construction material” from which he will form a beautiful body.

That is, you need more Equipoise steroid, which can be obtained by saturating your diet with protein and eating more than usual.

Arguing the facts in figures we can argue in favor of sports nutrition. By eating normal food a person gets protein, which is equal to 1 gram per 1 kilogram of mass. But for the growth of muscle fibers need from 1.5 to 3 grams of protein per 1 kilogram of body weight every day.

For example, if an athlete weighs 80 kilograms, he needs to consume from 120 to 240 grams of protein per day. A raw chicken egg contains an average of 12.7 grams of protein. That is, you need to drink from 9 to 19 eggs every day. If you translate into boiled breast, then you have to eat about 1 kilogram of this meat. At the same time, in addition to protein, fats will get into the body, which are likely to settle in the body without any benefit, but increasing body fat.

Of course, the bodybuilder needs to eat eggs and breast, but at the same time an additional portion of pure protein will not be superfluous. At the same time, using Equipoise injections saves considerable sums on products.

How to take Equipoise to gain muscle mass?

Buying a can with Equipoise – that’s half done. In order for the money spent to really justify itself, you need to correctly schedule a supplement intake throughout the day. It is necessary to take into account the days of training and rest, because the reception time in this case will be different.

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2 hours before training be sure to eat, because taking only Equipoise does not fully replenish the body’s energy reserves.

That is, taking protein before exercise should be in advance. Try its use 1-2 hours before class.

After training the body lacks substances that were spent during exercise. This period of time is especially valuable, because everything that will be taken after exercise somehow gets into the muscles. The body is in a state where it cannot choose.

Therefore, almost immediately after the training you need to take Equipoise steroid. It will also save muscles from destruction, because the body uses their as fuel when it is urgently needed.

Take protein before bedtime not only possible, but even useful. Despite the statements that there is harm before bedtime, for the growth of muscle tissue it is simply necessary. During sleep, the body is restored, and to make this process more productive, you need a sufficient amount of energy. Again, if the energy is not enough, then the body will begin to split the muscles, and this is bad for their growth.

Protein intake in the morning replaces part of the breakfast. The better the quality of the breakfast, the more energy will be during the day. Therefore, the classic meal must be backed with a portion of Equipoise steroid. Take a protein shake before or after a meal. At the same time, the breakfast itself should contain 25-50 grams of protein, excluding sports nutrition.

equipoise injections

Reception Equipoise during training not desirable. The main reason is that during exercise, muscles need a lot of blood. If you consume a portion of the protein in the middle of the session, then a part of the blood will go to the digestive organs to absorb the taken food. As a result, the intensity of the training will drop, and the athlete will feel a slight drowsiness.

While eating Equipoise, it is worth remembering that the body is able to absorb a limited amount of protein at a time. Therefore, for maximum efficiency, it is recommended to divide the daily rate of protein into 6 doses. During the day it may look like a table.








Training day

during breakfast

at lunch time

before training

after training

during dinner

before bedtime

Day of rest

during breakfast


at lunch time


during dinner

before bedtime

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If you want to consume 180 grams of protein, then divide its into 6 receptions, which means drink 30 grams at a time. You should not forget that the Eq 200 steroid serves only as a steroid preparation and does not replace the main meal.

Types of mixtures

The factors of difference can be: raw materials, levels of purification, speed of assimilation.

By type of raw materials

The main raw materials from which pure Boldenone Undecylenate is made are:

  • Eggs;
  • Milk;
  • Casein;
  • Soybean;
  • Serum.

The fact of the matter is that their receipt requires complex processing during the production process. This determines the high cost, which is often higher than casein supplements. But why pay so much if you can buy eggs or milk and get the necessary protein with a relatively low fat content.

Eq 200 steroid is the most controversial product. Until some time, it was set on a par with casein or whey protein, but later it was concluded that the substances that are contained in soy are much worse absorbed by the body and do not have much effect. Despite this, the Eq 200 steroid is significantly cheaper than its competitors.

By cleaning level

In this case, there are 3 types:

  • concentrate;
  • isolate;
  • hydrolyzate.

These names hide the percentage of protein in the mix. Thus, in the concentrate the protein content is 80-90%, in the isolate from 90 to 95%, and the hydrolyzate implies almost 100% pure mixture.

By the speed of assimilation

There are only two types of Equipoise injections that are either fast or slow. At the same time, fast ones are effective before and after training, because they allow to satisfy the need for protein for 60 minutes. And the energy received from them lasts for 2-4 hours. Slow ones are recommended for use at bedtime, because their lasts for 8-12 hours, which allows you to save muscles without their catabolism.

The main points to remember when using Equipoise injections are: the correct dosage, calculated on the basis of weight and the desired rate of protein per kilogram of weight, proper use of the supplement on training and rest days, as well as the choice of a suitable sports nutrition.

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