What is the harm Equipoise 300 and what side effects does it cause?

What is the harm Equipoise 300 and what side effects does it cause?

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A lot of horror stories have been written about sports nutrition that can scare a novice athlete and persuade it to take supplements. But how justified are these statements and what are the side effects of Equipoise 300? What to expect if you start taking a steroid and what will happen if you use more than you need?

What is Equipoise 300?

Eq steroid is an ordinary protein, which abound in the body without dietary supplements. The main difference between protein, which is contained in food and a jar of sports nutrition, is that in the second case, the athlete will consume pure protein, which will not contain fat or carbohydrates.

Pure Boldenone Undecylenate is obtained as a result of special processing of raw materials, which can be:

  • Milk;
  • Egg white;
  • Casein;
  • Serum;
  • Soy.

The process of obtaining pure protein is similar to the production of powdered milk, but with the only difference that fats and carbohydrates are removed from milk.

The scheme for obtaining Equipoise 300 is as follows:

    1. The raw material is loaded into a special container. As a result, the processing turns out cottage cheese and whey. Curd mass is removed, leaving the serum;
equipoise 300
  1. Whey is pasteurized;
  2. The next step is filtering;
  3. The result is a finished product that has a high content of pure protein.

It turns out that Boldenone Undecylenate – This is a natural product that consists of animal fats. Nothing dangerous is added, usually.

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What is the effect of Eq steroid?

Often sports nutrition is confused with anabolic steroids. – it’s not the same thing. They have a completely different effect on the body. Nevertheless, there is a stereotype that sports supplements do something incomprehensible to the body, make its work differently. This is not true.

Once ingested, Equipoise 300 is broken down into a large number of amino acids, which, depending on the individual value of each, enter the muscles, digestive organs and other systems. Amino Acids – These are the constituent parts of natural protein. For an athlete who wants to build muscle mass, those amines that are involved in accelerating protein synthesis and building muscle fibers are especially important.

The main task of Equipoise is to deliver an amino acid into the body. These are processes and substances known to the body. Therefore, they do not bear potential harm. But there are certain cases that can spoil the impression of Equipoise 300.

Side effects

Having clarified what Eq steroid represents and what processes it starts in the body, it is now reasonable to understand the side effects that occur under certain conditions.

Among the main points that can cause an adverse effect as a result of taking Eq steroid can be distinguished:

  • Disorder of the digestive organs;
  • Pain in the abdomen;
  • Meteorisms;
  • Impaired renal function;

Such problems often arise due to intolerance of the product or substance that it contains. Additionally, allergies may occur, but, as a rule, such a reaction occurs when taking a certain type of protein. For example, soy. In this case, an allergic reaction will be absent when consuming whey protein.

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Worse is the situation when allergy is manifested in dairy products.

Quite complete information about side effects and possible allergic reactions is indicated on the label of sports nutrition. Therefore, carefully study the packaging before use.

Also, side effects may occur if Equipoise steroid is taken improperly, or rather, if the dosage is exceeded. The daily rate of pure protein is recommended to be divided into 6 parts, and not to drink immediately. The body will still not be able to absorb a large amount of protein at a time, but adverse reactions will be felt.

At the same time, if the amount of protein significantly exceeds its’ need, then the fat mass will definitely increase. In vulnerable places, fat deposits will appear that do not exactly betray the figure of attractiveness.

Contraindications for taking Equipoise steroid

It is not recommended to take Equipoise 300 in case there are contraindications that can interfere with protein absorption. These include:

  • Lack of digestive enzymes;
  • Individual intolerance to protein;
  • Recent food poisoning;

There is also myth, which states that regular use of Equipoise steroid interferes with sexual function in men. So, it is not. Potency problems arise from anabolic steroids and a high degree of obesity. Equipoise does not affect sexual function. The same applies to women who take pure protein in the process of systematic training.

As a result, taking Equipoise 300 does not cause health problems. There are only certain conditions that, in combination with protein supplements, will cause adverse effects, for example, an allergy to soy protein. But it should be understood that in the presence of allergies, it will occur when using any product that contains an allergen. If you approach the reception of Equipoise 300 wisely, carefully study the instructions on the package and correctly determine the required dosage, then Equipoise 300 is a completely safe steroid preparation.

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It is also important to purchase Equipoise 300 from reliable vendors who have all licenses for steroids. You should not save on sports nutrition, because in the end the result will suffer more, and you still have to spend a certain amount. Use only quality product.

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